414Creatives is a premiere wedding videography service based out of Raleigh, NC and we serve, well, just about everywhere weddings might possibly occur. 414Creatives started on a whim in 2016 when a friend of ours nonchalantly asked us to shoot their wedding for free even though we had zero wedding film experience. Here we are years later and we’ve come to absolutely love visually crafting people’s love stories into existence. A few things about us: our name comes from our college address since we lived together every year in college and became best friends (even though we were already cousins), we’re camera nerds, and we will most likely dance at every wedding we film.

Meet Mason. Mason has a background in graphic design, printing, and photography. Mason spends his free time working on his motorcycles, home renovation projects, or trying out new hobbies. Mason got married in Augusta, GA in 2015. He had 11 groomsmen and used the 1970s Volkswagen bus he restored for his wife as a getaway car! 

Meet Ross. Ross is an adventure seeker, a creative thinker, and a self-taught man of many talents. He is passionate about his interests and it shows in his work. Ross had a charming and elegant outdoor wedding in Florence, SC in the fall of 2017. He and his wife spent their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic! 

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